ASPP Connector Box 4pcs. MC4 Solar Cable Connector Housing With ASPP Fire Sticker

CONNECTOR BOX has a positive opinion of SITP, CE mark, and the extinguishing plaster, which is a component of the product, has a CNBOP test.

Solar panel cable connectors are exposed to the negative effects of electrical surges, overloads and similar disturbances that result from incorrect installation, mechanical damage, pollution or the direct impact of violent atmospheric phenomena, e.g. temperature jumps, precipitation, etc. on the cables. Any negative impact on the connector, can cause a short circuit and fire. The CONNECTOR BOX protects the MC4 connector from damage, and in the event of a short circuit and fire, the special ASPP FIRE STICKER fire protection tape placed inside will extinguish the burning installation within 90 seconds.


* Size Series B
Internal length 120mm, inner diameter 24mm cable hole 5mm outer diameter
Fitting to other cable diameters if necessary is achieved by reaming during
installation to the existing cable diameter. Reaming a larger hole than the cable diameter is not recommended

* Material
Housing: SINKRAL SK 112 PAL 137S T587, Glossy ABS plastic, complies with Ul 94 at 1.6MM; S235 steel
Fire prevention agent: FK-5-1-12 in the form of microcapsules containing thermally triggered extinguishing gas.

* Shelf life
5 years from date of manufacture

* Storage conditions
-40 to +65 °C

* Activation temperature of fire prevention agent
Above 120 °C

A pack contains 4 CONNECTOR BOX enclosures.

The requirement for an average domestic installation is 6 packs of Connector Boxes of 4 pieces = 24 pieces

The final quantity is determined by the connectors used in the installation. As there are different roof layouts and different sizes of photovoltaic panels, the quantity must be determined individually for each installation.

As a supplementary protection measure, we also recommend the use of STOP FIRE STICKER tape for the DC box of the PV installation. The size depends on the size of the box.

More Information
Width3.20 cm
Height3.20 cm
Length/Depth12.50 cm
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