Projoy PEFS-EL50H-8 4MPPT Rapid Shutdown

The Projoy PEFS-EL50H-8 model allows the disconnection of 4 strings of PV panels.

Technical parameters:

  • series and type: 4 strings fire safety switch for PV photovoltaic installations PEFS-EL50H-8 4MPPT PROJOY
  • string voltage (Vdc): 300 ~ 1500 Vdc
  • string current (A): 50 A
  • number of strings: 4
  • wiring switch: 8
  • operating voltage: 100 V AC - 270 V AC
  • nominal voltage: 230 V AC
  • nominal current: 30 mA
  • starting (charging) current: average 100 mA
  • current switch: max. 300 mA
  • back contact: 24 V DC - 300 mA max.
  • operating temperature range: -20ºC - + 50ºC
  • maximum operating temperature before automatic switch-off: + 70ºC
  • storage temperature range: -40ºC - + 85ºC
  • protection level: IP66
  • protection level: class II
  • certifications: CE
  • DC disconnect switch according to: EN 60947-1&3
  • number of operations: 10000
  • number of operations under load (PV1): >1500

key features of the series:

  • switches suitable for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 strings - depending on the model
  • up to 85 A
  • up to 1500 V DC
  • Certified CE
  • motorized switch
  • solid IP66 plastic housing
  • prepared holes | cable connectors | MC4 connectors
  • built DC isolator with TUV certifications, CE, CB, SAA, UL, CCC
  • automatic circuit breaker at 70ºC
  • equipped with a breather valve to avoid condensation inside the housing
In most PV systems, DC isolation switches are integrated into the PV inverters. But even when the DC switch between the inverter and the PV panels is switched off, there will still be up to 600 ~ 1500 VDC.

In the event of a fire, firefighters can be exposed to very serious potential hazards. But if the firefighters have switched off the AC before extinguishing the fire, the PEFS series safety switch will detect the mains fault and after 5 seconds the PEFS will automatically switch off the isolation switch. As this safety switch is mounted close to the photovoltaic panel, the DC current in the building is disconnected, creating a safe environment for firefighters, reducing potential damage and ensuring the safety of the photovoltaic system.

1. FIND the right time to extinguish the fire

The PEFS series firefighter safety switch follows the international standard firefighter operating procedure. In the event of a fire, once the AC circuit is switched off, the rapid shutdown switch automatically shuts down and isolates the PV panels, so firefighters can eliminate the risk of high voltage to the PV panels on the roof and gain valuable time to deal with an accident.


The PEFS series uses the PEDS switch and can be used directly with PV panels. In the event of a fire, the fireman's safety switch can quickly shut down the PV system without the risk of high DC voltage. If the customer wants the entire roof to reach an even lower DC voltage (e.g. below 80 V ~ 120 V), multiple fireman's safety switches can be used (one for each 2-3 panels) to ensure maximum safety.


The PEFS series fireman's safety switch from Projoy resets automatically. When AC power is turned off (e.g. during a power outage) and then power is restored, the PEFS series resets and connects the circuit quickly and automatically. The customer does not have to reset it manually each time.


When compared to the other remote-communication-enabled emergency switches on the market, the PEF Projoy Series Fireman's Safety Switch is directly controlled by an AC circuit that does not require an additional network. It simply uses the existing AC power system. In addition, the PEFS does not perform an on/off function via electronic components, but via an arc-fault isolation switch that disconnects the DC circuit directly with much greater stability.


When Projoy's PEFS product is installed in the system, the DC circuit will be automatically switched off in the event of a power failure in the AC circuit, such as during a power outage, power line maintenance or grid failure. This will significantly extend the life of PV inverters and make it safer to repair or replace PV inverters.


The Projoy PEFS series is equipped with the PEDS switch, which is the world's most popular DC switch for photovoltaic applications. The response time of Projoy's resilient recoil mechanism is just 5 milliseconds, which can quickly extinguish the arc. Combined with self-cleaning contacts, the switches have increased durability and safety. For this reason, PEDS has been selected by many PV inverter manufacturers as the preferred DC switch.


Projoy has extensive experience in DC switch design and has customers worldwide. Projoy has become the first company in China to develop physical isolation with DC arc extinguishing capability without the use of remote communication technology, effectively providing safety for high DC voltage roofs.

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IP CodeIP66
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