Carport Aluminum 2-seat Photovoltaic Shed Water Drainage System


Aluminium 2-station carport Photovoltaic shed with drainage system

Technical description:

  • The structure of the carport is a solid aluminium frame with two double-beam posts, connected by a transom on which the purlins are set.
  • The axial spacing of the posts is 2.5 m x 5.4 m, which provides spaciousness and comfort for parking two vehicles.
  • The total roof area of the shed is approximately 6.8 m x 5.9 m and the roof pitch is 10 degrees.
  • The height of the structure is approximately 2.8 m, which provides free space when parking.
  • There are 7 aluminium purlins on the roof, evenly spaced at approximately 0.86 m intervals.
  • Photovoltaic panels measuring approximately 2279 mm x 1133 mm x 35 mm will be mounted on the purlins, enabling efficient solar energy generation.

Foundations and Materials:

  • The columns of the structure can be fixed in footings or in a reinforced concrete ballast structure to guarantee stability and durability. (To be purchased separately)
  • The structure is made of high-quality AL6005 T5 aluminium, which is robust and weatherproof.

Advantages of our photovoltaic carport:

  • Energy saving: Thanks to the photovoltaic panels on the roof, you can produce your own electricity from solar radiation.
  • Vehicle protection: Your cars will always be protected from the weather thanks to the robust construction.
  • Aesthetic design: The carport not only fulfils its function, but also looks great in its surroundings.
  • Ecology: An ecological solution that helps reduce CO2 emissions and uses renewable energy.

Photovoltaic carports - more than vehicle protection:

  • Our carport not only protects your cars, but also produces electricity that you can use to charge your electric vehicles or connect to the grid, generating additional income.
  • The installation of a photovoltaic carport is fast, economical and requires no special planning permission.

Technical data:

  • Module size: 2279 mm x 1133 mm x 35 mm
  • Module arrangement: 3x5 (total of 15 modules - to be purchased separately)
  • Concrete foundation size: 3200 mm x 300 mm x 400 mm (This is just a guide - not included)

With our photovoltaic carport you will gain covered parking space, vehicle protection and access to clean solar energy.

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