Rotenso Aquami AQS60X13i Heat Pump 6kW Split 1-3PH Indoor unit

Rotenso Aquami Split 1F/3F 6KW AQS60X13i R13 heat pump (indoor unit)

  • Rotenso Aquami Split heat pumps consist of an outdoor unit (unit) and a hydraulic module (for indoor installation). They are sold as separate kit components.
  • The advantage of this solution is that the hydraulic module is easily accessible and the refrigeration connection between the outdoor and indoor units is resistant to freezing, even during prolonged power failure.
  • The modern design and high efficiency at low temperatures make the Rotenso Aquami pumps ideal for heating homes, shops, commercial premises and offices.
  • Rated heating power: 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 14 / 16 kW
  • Energy class: A++ (for 35°C) / A++ (for 55°C)
  • COP: up to 5.2
  • Extreme operating conditions down to - 25°C
  • Max water temperature in heating mode: 65°C
  • Max water temperature in DHW mode: 60°C
  • Independent control of two heating circuits
  • Flexible electric heater power 9kW (3+3+3)
  • Drip tray and compressor crankcase heater
  • Certification: SG Ready
  • Warranty: 5 years
Wired controller with integrated Wifi module
  • You control - He will perform.
  • Rotenso Aquami Split offers you the possibility to control the pump both from the wired controller and from the COMFORT HOME mobile app. Regardless of whether you are inside or outside the home.
Energy efficiency level: A+++ (35°C)
  • Rotenso Aquami Split heat pumps have the highest energy efficiency class A+++ (for a water temperature of 35°C). Such outstanding performance significantly contributes to low electricity consumption.
Heating function at -25°C
  • The pumps are prepared for efficient operation even at extreme outdoor temperatures as low as - 25°C.
  • During cold winters, they guarantee the preparation of hot water to supply central heating and DHW.
Maximum COP 5.20
  • The COP parameter is the ratio of the heating power obtained to the electricity consumed. It determines the heating efficiency of the heat pump.
  • Aquami pumps are able to produce more than five times the heating energy in relation to the electricity consumed.
5-year warranty
  • All heat pumps are covered, with a full 5-year warranty. The high quality workmanship will allow you to enjoy the reliability of your pump for many years to come.

The AQS60X13i hydraulic module is compatible with the Rotenso Aquami Split 6 kW heat pump with the symbol AQS60X1o.

AQS60X13i specifications:

  • Operating mode Heating and cooling
  • Outlet water temperature `Space cooling (°C) 5~25
  • Outlet water temperature \nSpace heating (°C) 25~65
  • Outlet water temperature \n DHW (tank) (°C) 40~60
  • Power supply (V-Hz, Ø) 220-240~50, 1f / 380-420~50, 3f
  • Power consumption (W) 9095
  • Operating current (A) 13.5
  • Sound power level (dB(A))38
  • Electric heater \nPower supply (V-Hz, Ø)220-240~50, 1f / 380-420~50, 3f
  • Electric heater \n-Number of heating stages (pcs.) 3
  • Electric heater \nWattage (kW) 9(3+3+3)
  • Electric heater \nMaximum operating current (A) 13.3
  • Net dimensions (HxWxD) (mm) 420×270×790
  • Gross dimensions (SxWxG) (mm)525×360×1050
  • Net weight/Gross weight (kg) 43/49
  • Water circuit Water connections (mm( (inch)) 25mm (R1") external
  • Water circuit \nSafety valve pressure (MPa)0.3
  • Water circuit ■ Condensate drain (mm) Ф25
  • Water circuit - Expansion vessel - Capacity (l)8
  • Water circuit \nExpansion vessel \nMaximum pressure (MPa) 0.3
  • Water circuit - Expansion vessel Pre-pressure (MPa)0.1
  • Water circuit \n Heat exchanger / Type Plate heat exchanger
  • Water circuit Heat exchanger / minimum flow rate (l/min) 6
  • Water pump head (m) 9
  • Water pump type DC
  • Refrigerating circuit Liquid (mm) Φ6,35
  • Refrigerating circuit Gas (mm) Φ15,9
  • Supply lines: outdoor unit (number x mm²) 5 × 4,0
  • Control cables: indoor - outdoor unit (number x mm²) 2 × 0,75
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Power kW6.00 kW
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