Rotenso Revio RO26Xi Wall-mounted AC 2.7kW Indoor unit

Product will be available on 2024-07-26
A new premium model in the Rotenso range of wall-mounted air conditioners in the highest cooling energy efficiency class A+++ and high coefficients: SEER: 8.6 and SCOP: 4.6.
It is distinguished by its modular design, where the fastening of individual air conditioner components uses "quick clamps" instead of traditional screws.
Revio is distinguished by the unprecedented simplicity of assembly of the indoor unit, which has only one screw and 4 clamps. This makes it possible, in 1 minute, to fully dismantle the unit during periodic servicing. Access to the filters in the air conditioner is also exceptionally easy, thanks to the top cover of the air conditioner, innovatively mounted with magnets.

This model is dedicated to year-round operation, even in extreme weather conditions. It works effectively in heating mode even at low outdoor temperatures of up to -25°C, so that it can be the only source of heat if necessary.
The ECO Eye BreezeAway function is an intelligent sensor, the so-called "eye", which detects the activity of people in the room and allows the direction of air flow to be adjusted in order to avoid blowing directly at the people in the room.

The Revio model stands out for its advanced air purification solutions.
The air conditioner has an electrostatic filter and two additional filters: HEPA and Cold Nano. In addition, the built-in Super Ionizer effectively eliminates microorganisms, bacteria, fungi and toxic substances.
All functions are controlled with an aesthetically pleasing remote control or via an application with a smartphone. Rotenso Revio comes with a WiFi modem as standard equipment.

Model: Revio 2.7 kW
Rotenso series: Revio
Capacity / Cooling / Min-Max (W): 1319-3810
Capacity / Cooling / Nominal (W): 2725
Power consumption / Cooling / Min-Max (W): 85-1200
Power Consumption / Cooling / Nominal (W): 600
Operating Current / Cooling / Min-Max (A); 0.4-5.2
Operating Current / Cooling / Nominal (A): 2.6
Capacity / Heating / Min-Max (W): 880-4396
Capacity / Heating / Nominal (W): 3136
Power consumption / Heating / Min-Max (W): 105-1400
Power consumption / Heating / Nominal (W): 690
Operating current / Heating / Min-Max (A): 0.5-6.1
Operating current / Heating / Nominal (A): 3
Cooling load (kW): 2.6
SEER (W/W): 8.6
Energy efficiency class - cooling: A+++
Annual energy consumption - cooling (kWh/a): 106
Heat load (Tbiv -7°C) (kW): 2.4
SCOP (W/W): 4.6
Energy efficiency class - heating: A++
Annual energy consumption - heating (kWh/a): 730
Dehumidification (l/h): 1
Maximum energy consumption (W): 2300
Maximum operating current (A): 10

Indoor unit: RO26Xi
Fan speed / (H./W./Ni./Ci.) (rpm): 1120 / 960 / 830 / 630
Airflow / (H./A./N./N./Ci.) (m³/h): 530 / 380 / 280 / 250
Sound pressure level / (H./W./Ni./Ci.) (dB(A)): 37 / 32 / 21 / 20
Sound power level (dB(A)): 58
Power consumption (W): 36
Operating current (A): 0.1
Net dimensions / (S×G×W) (mm): 795 × 225 × 295
Gross dimensions / (S×G×W) (mm): 870 × 305 × 370
Net weight / Gross weight (kg): 10.2 / 13
Condensate drain (mm): 16
Generation: X

System compatibility: Yes/No
1:1 SINGLE: Yes
1:2 DUAL: No
1:X MULTI: Yes

More Information
Power kW2.70 kW
Number of Phase1-phase
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