Rotenso Aquami AIMB80X1 Heat Pump Monoblock 8kW 1PH Outdoor unit Graphite


The Rotenso Airmi Monoblock 8 kW heat pump is a single-phase unit with a heating capacity of 7.90 kW (A7/W35).
It is characterised by an excellent energy efficiency class A+++ (for 35° flow temperature) and A++ (for 55° flow temperature).
COP for A7/W35 is 4.50.

The pump allows the control of two heating zones.

Provides high heating capacity down to an external temperature of -25°C.
The maximum available water temperature in heating mode is: 65°C and in DHW mode it is: 60°C.
The pump has an inverter, two-rotary compressor. The refrigerant is R32.

The Rotenso Airmi Monoblock heat pump is equipped with a 3 kW booster heater. In emergency situations or at temperatures below the bivalent point, it is advisable for the pump to make use of booster heaters when preparing hot central heating or DHW.
It is worth knowing that the use of heaters has a beneficial effect on the durability and reliability of the heat pump.

To ensure trouble-free operation at temperatures below 0°C, the pump is fitted with a drip tray heater to prevent the condensate from freezing and the external unit from frosting, thus preventing possible damage to the fan and the heat pump exchanger.
The second important element of the pump's equipment is the compressor crankcase heater which, at temperatures below 0°, heats the compressor oil preparing the unit for trouble-free start in adverse weather conditions.

This technical solution guarantees failure-free operation and extends the service life of the compressor - the heart of the heat pump.

The Rotenso Airmi Monoblock pump can be controlled via a mobile application (Tuya Smart) as well as a modern wired controller with a menu in Polish, which has a built-in room temperature sensor and Wi-Fi module.

The Rotenso Airmi Monoblock 8 kW set comprises:

  • outdoor unit
  • wired controller
  • DHW tank sensor
  • plate heat exchanger
  • flow sensor
  • diaphragm vessel
  • manometer
  • water pump
  • safety valve
  • vent valve
  • Y-type water filter


  • Model: AIMB80X1
  • Rotenso series: Airmi
  • Power supply (V-Hz, Ø): 220-240~50, 1f
  • Heating (A7/W35) \ Efficiency (kW): 7.9
  • Heating (A7/W35) \nPower consumption (kW): 1.76
  • Heating (A7/W35) \nCOP: 4.5
  • Heating (A7/W45) \nEfficiency (kW): 8.3
  • Heating (A7/W45) \nPower consumption (kW): 2.61
  • Heating (A7/W45) _COP: 3.18
  • Heating (A7/W55) \nEfficiency (kW): 7.7
  • Heating (A7/W55) \nPower consumption (kW): 2.98
  • Heating (A7/W55) _COP: 2.58
  • Cooling (A35/W18) \Power output (kW): 8.2
  • Cooling (A35/W18) \nPower consumption (kW): 1.75
  • Cooling (A35/W18) ER: 4.65
  • Cooling (A35/W7) \nEfficiency (kW): 7.6
  • Cooling (A35/W7) \nPower consumption (kW); 2.55
  • Cooling (A35/W7) - EER: 2.97
  • Seasonal energy efficiency TWW at 35°C \ SCOP (1): 4.62
  • Seasonal energy efficiency TWW at 35°C \n Rated heating output (kW): 7,4
  • Seasonal energy efficiency TWW at 35°C \n Seasonal energy efficiency ratio (ηS) (%): 183
  • Seasonal energy efficiency TWW at 35°C \nAnnual energy consumption (kWh): 3529
  • Seasonal energy efficiency TWW at 35°C \n Seasonal energy efficiency class for space heating (1): A+++
  • Seasonal energy efficiency TWW at 55°C \n SCOP (1): 3.32
  • Seasonal energy efficiency TWW at 55°C \n Rated heating output (kW): 6.7
  • Seasonal energy efficiency TWW at 55°C \n Seasonal energy efficiency ratio (ηS): 131
  • Seasonal energy efficiency TWW at 55°C / Annual energy consumption (kWh): 4162
  • Seasonal energy efficiency ratio TWW at 55°C \n Seasonal energy efficiency class for space heating (1): A++
  • SEER \W at 7°C: 5.17
  • SEER ■ TWW at 18°C: 8.31
  • Maximum overcurrent protection (MZN) (A): 32
  • Minimum circuit overload (MOO) (A): 29
  • Compressor Type: Two-rotary DC compressor
  • Fan Type: Brushless DC
  • Fan \n-Number: 1
  • Refrigerant Type: R32
  • Refrigerant GWP: 675
  • Refrigerant \nQuantity (up to 15 mb) (kg): 1.3
  • Refrigerant \nQuantity (up to 15 mb) (TCO2eq): 0.878
  • Supply lines: outdoor unit (qty. × mm²): 3 × 10
  • Fixing spacing (S1xS2xG) (mm): 624×229×425
  • Sound pressure level (dB(A)): 46
  • Sound power level (dB(A)): 59
  • Net dimensions (LxWxH) (mm): 1125 × 425 × 703
  • Gross dimensions (LxWxH) (mm): 1200 × 425 × 865
  • Net weight / Gross weight (kg): 82.5 / 96
  • Outdoor operating range ⁰C Cooling (⁰C): -5~43
  • Outdoor operating range ⁰C Heating (⁰C): -25~35
  • Outdoor operation range ⁰C DHW (⁰C): -25~43
  • Operating mode: Heating and cooling
  • Outlet water temperature / Room cooling (°C): 7~25
  • Outlet water temperature / Space heating (°C): 25~65
  • Outlet water temperature / DHW (°C): 25~60
  • Electric heater \nPower supply (V-Hz, Ø): 220-240~50, 1f
  • Electric heater \n-Number of heating stages (pcs.): 1
  • Electric heater \nWattage (kW): 3
  • Electric heater \ Maximum operating current (A): 13.6
  • Water circuit \nWater connections (mm(inch)): Φ33
  • Water circuit \ Pressure of safety valve (MPa): 0.5
  • Water circuit Condensate drain (mm): Φ12,7
  • Water circuit \nExpansion vessel \nTotal volume (l): 5
  • Water circuit \nExpansion vessel \nTotal volume (l): 2
  • Water circuit \nExpansion vessel \nMaximum pressure (MPa): 0.5
  • Water circuit - expansion vessel - pre-pressure: 0.15
  • Heat exchanger Type: plate heat exchanger
  • Water circuit \nHeat exchanger \nMinimum flow rate (l/min): 10
  • Water circuit \ Water pump head (m): 9
  • Water circuit \NWater pump type: DC inverter
  • Water circulation \ Total water volume (l): 0.86
  • Generation: X
More Information
Power kW8.00 kW
Number of Phase1-phase
Width43.00 cm
Height85.00 cm
Length/Depth121.00 cm
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