Growatt MOD 3000TL3-XH BACK UP AFCI Inverter 3kW 3PH 2MPPT


GROWATT MOD3000KTL3-XH Backup Inverter with Emergency Power Function

Ability to operate as a Backup system
Dual MPP trackers
Class II DC and AC surge protection
Active arc fault protection
AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter) protection
24-hour self-consumption analysis
Compatibility with APX and ARK batteries
IP66 protection level
Operating temperature range from -25°C to +60°C
Touchscreen display + OLED
10-year basic warranty

Technical Specifications
Dimensions: 425x387x147 mm
Weight: 12.5 kg
Relative Humidity: 0-100%
Operating Temperature Range: -25°C to 60°C
Standby Power Consumption: < 5.5 W
Protection Class: IP66

DC Input
Maximum PV Power: 6000 W
Maximum DC Voltage: 1100 V
Startup Voltage: 160 V
Nominal Voltage: 600 V
MPPT Voltage Range: 140 V - 1000 V
Number of PV Strings per MPP Tracker: 2/1
Maximum Input Current per MPP Tracker: 16 A
Maximum Short Circuit Current per MPP Tracker: 20 A

AC Output
Nominal AC Power: 3000 W
Maximum Apparent AC Power: 3300 VA*
Nominal AC Voltage (range*): 220 V/ 380 V, 230 V/ 400V (340-440V)
AC Grid Frequency (range*): 50/60 Hz (45-55 Hz/ 55-65 Hz)
Maximum Output Current: 5.0 A
THDi: < 3%
AC Connection Type: 3-phase (3W+N+PE)
Power Factor Range: 0.8 capacitive...0.8 inductive
Output Data (Backup*)
Maximum Apparent Power: 3000 VA
Nominal AC Voltage: 230 V / 400 V
AC Grid Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz

Maximum Efficiency: 98.3%
European Efficiency: 97.5%
MPPT Efficiency: 99.9%


Reverse Polarity Protection: YES
DC Disconnect: YES
DC Surge Protection: Class II
AC Surge Protection: Class II
Overcurrent Protection: YES
Ground Fault Monitoring: YES
Grid Parameter Monitoring: YES
Current Leakage Monitoring: YES
Arc Fault Circuit Interruption (AFCI): YES
String Fault Monitoring: YES
Differential Current Monitoring: YES
10-year warranty

*Backup function is available for the special version with Backup using the SYN 50-XH-30 device and Growatt APX battery system.
*AC voltage range and frequency range may vary depending on the power grid standard of each country. All data is subject to change without notice.

More Information
Number of Phase3-phase
Power kW3.00 kW
Number of MPPT2
Start Voltage160.00 V
Max Input Current5.00 A
Max DC Voltage1,100.00 V
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