Ground Rod 1.5m Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Earth Rod

Driven Grounding Rod Collapsible Grounding Pin 1500mm 1.5m


  • Grounding equipment will ensure 100% safety for your loved ones and prevent fires and equipment failures.
  • Hot-dip galvanisation provides much greater mechanical durability and corrosion resistance than electroplated-electrolytic galvanisation.
  • They are characterised by their robust workmanship and quick installation.
  • The sharpened end allows you to plunge an earthing rod without the use of an additional blade, and the other end, with a hole, ensures quick installation of another rod, without the use of an additional connector.
  • The rod is made of the highest quality hot-dip galvanised steel.
  • Suitable for domestic and industrial applications.
  • The extension rod does not include a cross socket. Socket available in our other products.
  • Profile type: Round 16 mm
  • Material: Steel
  • Surface treatment: hot-dip galvanised
  • Length: 1500 mm
  • Strength: 500Mpa
  • Compliance with zinc standard: PN-EN ISO 1461:2011
  • Galvanizing: guaranteed layer thickness 80 μm
  • Zinc approved by PCA certificate - Polish Centre for Accreditation
  • Country of production: Poland
More Information
Width2.00 cm
Height2.00 cm
Length/Depth150.00 cm
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