Adjustable Standing Seam Clamp A2

PV rail mounting bracket for standing seam roofing

D technical data:

  • Material - stainless steel, sheet ≠2mm.
  • Corrosion protection - hot-dip zinc
  • Length: 40 mm
  • Height: 56 mm
  • Purpose: Seam roof
  • Country of origin: Poland


  • Suitable for the installation of universal brackets on seamed/flanged, snap seamed roofing.
  • Finds application for both roof communication and snow protection.
  • Each application of the bracket involves a deformation of the sheet - seam within its fixing.
  • The correct load-bearing capacity of the bracket depends directly on the firm tightening of the compression bolts, causing the aforementioned deformation of the seam.
  • Depending on the type of sheet joint, two types of bracket are produced for: - low seam (rim) - high seam (snap-in sheets).
  • This is where the bent sheet can be corrected to fit for the type of snap-in. The correction should be made by the roofer, seeing what type of covering he has.
More Information
PV Mounting SystemPitched Roof - Standing seam
Width6.00 cm
Height4.00 cm
Length/Depth10.00 cm
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