GoodWe GW6.5K-ET PLUS+ Three Phase Hybrid Inverter 6.5kW 3PH 2MPPT


GoodWe GW6.5K-ET inverter - ET Series 5-10 kW - Three-phase inverter for energy storage

  • The new ET Series from GoodWe - are three-phase high-voltage hybrid inverters, available in: 5 kW, 6.5 kW, 8 kW and 10 kW, designed for use with both the public grid and energy storage.
  • The ET series not only enables increased energy independence, but also maximises the self-consumption of generated energy.
  • Programmed battery discharge/charge control modes can be matched to time-based tariffs, further helping to reduce electricity bills.
  • For maximum power output, the ET series allows the inverter to be overloaded on the AC side up to 110%, and for maximum energy efficiency when the grid is active and independence and safety in the event of disturbances or faults in power systems, the ET series has an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) function for inductive loads such as air conditioners, refrigerators with an automatic switching time of less than 10 milliseconds.
Technical data:
  • Model: GW6.5K-ET
  • Battery input parameters:
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion
  • Battery voltage range (V): 180~600
  • Max charge current (A): 25
  • Max. discharge current (A): 25
  • Lithium-ion battery charging strategy: Self-adaptation to BMS
PV string input parameters:
  • Max. DC input power (W): 8450
  • Max. DC input voltage (V): 1000
  • MPPT voltage range (V):200~850
  • Start-up voltage (V): 180
  • Min. input voltage (V): 210
  • MPPT range to full load (V): 310~850
  • Nominal DC input voltage (V): 620
  • Max input current (A): 12.5/12.5
  • Max. short-circuit current (A): 15.2/15.2
  • Number of MPP trackers: 2
  • Number of inputs per MPP tracker: 1/1
AC output parameters (mains):
  • Nominal apparent output power to mains (VA): 6500
  • Max. apparent output power to mains (VA): 7150
  • Max. apparent power from mains (VA): 13000
  • Nominal output voltage (V): 400/380, 3L/N/PE
  • Nominal output frequency (Hz): 50/60
  • Max AC output to mains (A): 10.8
  • Max. mains AC output (A): 19.7
  • Output power factor ~1: (Adjustable from 0.8 leading to 0.8 lag)
  • ThDi coefficient (@Parameters nominal): <3%
AC Output Parameters (Back-up; Optional):
  • Max. apparent power (VA): 6500
  • Peak output apparent power (VA): 13000, 60 sec
  • Max. output current (A): 10.8
  • Nominal output voltage (V): 400/380
  • Nominal output frequency (Hz): 50/60
  • THDv coefficient (on linear load): <3%
  • Max performance: 98.0%
  • Max battery charging performance: 97.5%
  • European efficiency: 97.2%
  • Protection against island operation: Integrated
  • Reverse polarity protection of PV string input: Integrated
  • Isolation resistor detection: Integrated
  • Residual current monitoring: Integrated
  • Output overcurrent protection: Integrated
  • Output short circuit protection: Integrated
  • Input battery reverse polarity protection: Integrated
  • Output surge protection: Integrated
General data:
  • Operating temperature range (°C): -35~60
  • Relative humidity: 0~95%
  • Operating altitude (m): ≤4000
  • Cooling: Natural convection
  • Noise (dB): <30
  • User interface: LED and APP
  • Communication with BMS: RS485; CAN
  • Communication with meter: RS485
  • Communication with EMS RS485: (isolated)
  • Communication with portal: Wi-Fi
  • Weight (kg): 24
  • Dimensions (Width*Height*Depth mm): 415*516*180
  • Mounting: Wall bracket
  • Protection level: IP66
  • Standby consumption (W): <15
  • Topology: No battery isolation
  • Completion with inverter includes 3-phase meter - Smart meter.
More Information
Width54.00 cm
Height69.00 cm
Length/Depth29.00 cm
Number of Phase3-phase
Power kW6.50 kW
Number of MPPT2
Start Voltage180.00 V
Max Input Current19.70 A
Max DC Voltage1,000.00 V
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