FoxESS S-BOX PLUS Firefighter Safty Switch 4MPPT


  • Fire Prevention Circuit Breaker for PV Photovoltaic Systems for 4MPPT 1500V DC MC4 IP66 Fox-S-Box-4 FOXESS - designed to safely and abruptly cut off power to photovoltaic installations in the event of a fault and/or fire. The switch is suitable for mounting on four strings.
  • In the event of a fire, firefighting crews can be exposed to serious risks due to the current flowing in the photovoltaic installation (even after the DC switch between the inverter and the panels has been switched off). If firefighters have switched off the alternating current (AC) (e.g. with the Wp-1s alarm switch) before extinguishing the fire, the S-box series safety switch will detect the mains failure and automatically switch off the isolation switch.
  • The switch should be mounted close to the photovoltaic panel, creating a safe environment for firefighters - reducing potential damage and ensuring the safety of the photovoltaic system.

Key features:

  • up to 4 strings
  • up to 25 A per string
  • up to 1500 V DC
  • Certified CE
  • motor-driven disconnector
  • PC+ABS, robust IP66 plastic housing
  • MC4 connectors
  • easy installation and connection
  • built-in DC isolator with TUB, CE, CB, SAA, UL
  • automatic shutdown at 70°C
  • equipped with vent valve to avoid condensation inside the housing

Technical parameters:

  • number of strings: 4
  • number of poles: 8
  • maximum voltage per string (Vdc): 1500
  • maximum current per string (A): 25/25
  • operating voltage: 100Vac ~ 270Vac
  • nominal voltage: 230Vac
  • nominal current: 30mA
  • start-up (charging) current: average 100mA
  • switch trip current: 300mA max
  • reverse contact: 24Vdc - 300mA max
  • operating temperature range: -20°C to +85°C
  • protection level: IP66
  • protection class: II
  • certification: CE
  • switch operation in accordance with EN 60947-1&3
  • number of operations: 10000
More Information
Circuit Protection4
Width24.00 cm
Height13.50 cm
Length/Depth33.00 cm
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