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Dyness is a leading global provider of energy storage solutions that has been dynamically expanding in international markets since its inception. The company operates three manufacturing centers in Taizhou and Suzhou, China, employing over 550 workers, including a research and development team of over 150 specialists with more than a decade of industry experience. Specializing in innovative energy storage technologies, Dyness delivers products that support the global pursuit of carbon neutrality.

Dyness Energy Storage Systems

Dyness' energy storage solutions are characterized by high efficiency, reliability, and adaptability to diverse needs, from household to industrial use. These products enable the efficient utilization of renewable energy, providing users with greater energy independence and lower electricity bills.

Photovoltaics and Energy Storage

Dyness actively promotes the use of renewable energy sources by offering advanced photovoltaic systems and energy storage solutions. These innovative products are designed to optimize performance and longevity, allowing for easy integration with existing installations.

Innovation and Research and Development

Through its commitment to research and development, Dyness continuously introduces innovative products to the market that not only meet current market needs but also contribute to environmental protection. With over 100 patents and numerous international certifications, Dyness confirms its position as a leader in energy storage technologies.

Dyness at ecoABM Wholesale

Dyness products are available in the ecoABM wholesale assortment, providing installers and business partners access to the latest energy storage solutions. The ecoABM team offers expert technical support and assistance in selecting the right Dyness products, ensuring professional service and customer satisfaction.

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