ASPP Sticker 40x100mm Fire Protection Tape Extinguishing Switchboards Up to 20L


ASPP Sticker is the initial fire extinguishing product for extinguishing in confined spaces i.e. control cabinets, switchboards, desktop computers etc.

Prevent fire in 90 seconds

In the event of a fire, it is difficult to control it, causing serious casualties and damage to property. The use of an extinguisher requires the human factor and presence during a fire which is not always possible. ASPP Sticker extinguishing tape allows the initial fire to be controlled and extinguished without anyone being present during the incident. The tape has thousands of small bubbles filled with extinguishing agent, on contact with the fire all the bubbles burst and release the contents quickly extinguishing the fire in the bud. The tape is maintenance-free, always on guard and requires no additional action.

- In the car - installing in the bonnet section, or at the electrical harness.
- In the electrical distribution box, switchgear
- In other places such as ships, aircraft and factories, as well as in equipment that generates high temperature heat such as telephone batteries, computers, electric motors, etc.

Product features:
- Simple design.
- Maintenance-free.
- Excellent initial fire suppression performance.

Fire suppression time: within 90 seconds

Size: 40x100 mm
Thickness: 1 mm
Warranty: 5 years
Protected volume: Max 20 litres (see table)
Storage and handling: Temperature -40°C ~+60°C, Humidity up to 80%

Instructions for use:
The surface of the area to which the patch is to be attached should be clean and degreased
Please dry the mounting surface thoroughly
Open the package and remove the product
Remove the paper from the back of the patch and attach it to the top of the cabinet , where fire may occur.
Fire extinguishing agent FK-5-1-12 (chemical name for NOVEC 1230)

This is a colourless, liquid extinguishing agent with a slight odour. As an anhydrous solution, it does not conduct electricity and does not corrode equipment. Unlike carbon dioxide, it does not cause thermal shock to extinguished objects. After application, it evaporates, leaving no residue. It is completely safe for people and the environment. It belongs to the group of pure chemical gases - it does not leave any impurities after discharge, it is completely safe for the environment and people in normatively defined concentrations, it does not destroy the ozone layer, it does not conduct electricity. It is a colourless and odourless gas. Its great advantage is the minimal decomposition time in the atmosphere (5 days), which makes it an environmentally friendly extinguishing gas.

It is designed for extinguishing fires of groups A, B and C, including live electrical equipment.
In the extinguishing process, FK-5-1-12 is released as a gas. The extinguishing process with this agent involves the removal of heat energy from the flames, which completely stops the combustion reaction and prevents any further ignitions.

Properties of FK-5-1-12 gas:
chemical formula: CF3CF2C(O)CF(CF3)2
boiling point (1 atm): 49.2 °C (120.6 °F)
freezing point (1 atm): -108 °C (-162.4 °F)
molecular weight: 316.04
vapour pressure (at 25 °C): 0.404 bar
liquid kinetic viscosity (0 °C/25 °C): 0.56/0.39
heat of vaporisation: 88.0 kJ/kg
dielectricity (1 atm, 25 °C, N=1.0): 2.3
design concentration: 4-6%
NOAEL: 10%
ozone depletion potential: 0
greenhouse effect potential: 1,0

▪ Do not keep in the sun for a long time,
▪ Do not use for something other than intended,
▪ Keep out of reach of children

More Information
Width4.00 cm
Height0.20 cm
Length/Depth10.00 cm
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