Pylontech FORCE H2 Energy Storage Battery Li-ion Module FH9637M HV 3.5kWh 96V


Pylontech One FH9637M battery module to build Force-H2 power bank


  • FH9637M is a battery module used to build the Pylontech Force H2 energy bank.
  • The module is made with Li-ion technology, with a voltage of 96 V DC and consists of 30 cells.
  • The capacity of the module is 3,552 kWh and the lifetime is a minimum of 15 years. The module has an endurance of up to 5,000 cycles.
  • Force H2 is an energy storage system based on 96 V DC lithium-ion batteries and is one of the latest energy storage products developed and manufactured by Pylontech.
  • It can be used where it is necessary to provide continuous power energy to various types of equipment and systems.
    The Force H2 system is particularly suitable for applications in systems requiring high power, limited installation space, limited installation load and long battery life. It is based on up to 4 FL9637M battery modules.


  • Li-ion technology for longest life and highest safety.
  • Quick connector system to save installation time.
  • Furniture-like design, fits both indoor and outdoor installation.
  • Proven BMS system with the widest compatibility with inverters.
  • Modular design for ultimate flexibility.


  • Lithium-ion battery technology
  • Nominal battery voltage [V] 96
  • Battery scalability up to 4 units
  • Battery capacity [Ah] 37
  • Battery weight [kg] - 1 unit 35
  • Dimensions [mm] 296 x 296 x 450
  • Force-H2 is a high-voltage battery storage system based on a lithium-phosphate battery, which is one of the new energy storage products developed and manufactured by Pylontech.
  • It can be used to support reliable power for various types of devices and systems.
  • Force-H2 is particularly suitable for those application scenes that require high power, limited installation space, limited load carrying capacity and long service life.

Force-H2 System Parameters:

  • Li-iron cell technology (LFP)
  • Capacity of the Battery System (kWh) 7.10 10.65 14.20
  • Battery System Voltage (Vdc) 192 288 384
  • Capacity of the Battery System (AH) 37Ah
  • Battery Controller Name Battery Controller Name.
  • Battery Module Name FH9637M
  • Battery Module Quantity (pcs.) 216 324 432
  • Capacity of Battery Module (kWh) 3,552
  • Battery Module Voltage (Vdc) 96
  • Capacity of the Battery Module (AH) 37
  • Battery System Top Voltage Charge (Vdc) 174 261 348
  • Battery System Charging Current (Amps, Standard) 7.4
  • Battery System Charge Current (Amps, Normal) 18.5
  • Battery System Charge Current (Amps, Max @15s) 40
  • Battery System Discharge Lower Voltage (Vdc) 174 261 348
  • Battery System Discharge Current (Amps, Standard) 7.4
  • Battery System Discharge Current (Amps,Normal) 18.5
  • Battery System Discharge Current (Amps, Max.@15s) 40
  • Short circuit rating (Amps) <4000
  • Efficiency (%) 96
  • Depth of Discharge (%) 90
  • Dimensions (W*D*H, mm) 450*296*822 450*296*1118 450*296*1414
  • CANBUS/Modbus RTU communication
  • Protection class IP55
  • Weight(kg) 82 117 152
  • Lifetime(Years) 15+
  • Operating Temperature (℃) 0~50℃
  • Storage Temperature (℃) -20~60℃
  • Humidity 5~95%

Product Certificate:

  • VDE2510-50, IEC62619, IEC62477-1,
  • IEC62040-1, CEC, CE
  • Transfer Certificate UN38.3


  • Dimensions of Battery Controller: (W*D *H) 450×296×190 mm.
  • Dimensions of Battery Module:(W.*D.*H.) 450×296×296mm.
  • Dimensions of Lower Battery Base: (W.*D.*H.) 450×296×40 mm.
More Information
Energy Capacity3,500.00 kWh
Width40.00 cm
Height42.00 cm
Length/Depth54.50 cm
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