NYY-J 600/1000V Power Cable 5x2.5mm


AC Earth Cable YKYżo 5x2.5mm

  • The insulation from the best manufacturers stands out from the rest due to its extraordinary flexibility, which allows the cable to be formed effortlessly.
  • In addition, it is thicker than those usually used, making the cable more resistant to stones or other surprises in the ground.
  • This blend of insulation allows the cable to be easily formed, pulled, laid, pushed through, giving a more comfortable working environment.

Recommended use: for the transmission of electricity, indoors and outdoors, in cable ducts and for direct laying in the ground.

Technical data:

  • Conductor class: Class 1 = single-wire
  • Conductor material: Copper (Cu)
  • Conductor identification: Colour
  • Insulation colour: Black
  • Protective conductor: YES
  • Permissible temperature of permanently laid cable [°C]: up to 70
  • Number of conductors: 5
  • Rated voltage U [V]: 1
  • Rated conductor cross-section [mm2]: 2.5
  • Conductor shape: Round
  • Conductor insulation: PVC
  • Outer sheath material: PVC
  • Flame retardant: In accordance with EN 60332-1-2
  • Permissible temperature of permanently installed cable [°C] :from -30
  • Approximate cable weight [kg/km]: 266
  • Rated voltage U0 [V]: 0.60
  • Approximate outer diameter [mm]: 12.30
  • Maximum conductor temperature [°C]; 70
More Information
Number of Phase3-phase
Width1.20 cm
Height1.20 cm
Length/Depth100.00 cm
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