Noark Surge Protective Device Ex9UE2 T2 4P 275V 1.4KV 20/40KA


Surge arrester, formerly lightning arrester (also surge protector, varistor) - a device designed to protect electrical apparatus against transient overvoltages, limiting the duration and frequency of the consequent current.

  • Overvoltages can occur during, for example, switching on or off an unloaded overhead line or when lightning strikes an overhead line, and can damage the insulation and other network components.
  • As lightning arresters are relatively expensive devices, they are only used to protect important network components such as a transformer or generator.

A line of surge arresters consists of Class 2 devices.

  • They are designed to protect against overvoltages caused by transient fast switching operations or indirect lightning surges.
  • It is recommended to install the devices every 10 - 20 m of cable length, in main switchboards as well as in sub-switchboards. The Ex9UE2 20 440 is designed for coordination with class 1 of the Ex9UE1 35 line, in the case of Ex9UE2 20 275, coordination with the Ex9UE1 35 line is by means of a 10 m long cable.
  • The design of the Ex9UE2 arresters is based on varistor elements.
  • It provides a low response time.
  • The modular design with replaceable insertion allows quick and simple replacement of the functional modules in case of burnout, due to the frequent occurrence of surge peaks.
  • Rated discharge current (8/20): 20
  • Tripping indication on the device: Optical
  • Type 2: YES
  • Degree of protection (IP): IP20
  • Max. cross-section of flexible cable: 35
  • Protection level: N-PE
  • Integrated protection: NO
  • Network circuit : TN-S
  • Size: 4 modules
  • With contact for remote signalling: NO
  • Maximum permanent operating voltage AC: 275
  • Short-circuit resistance: YES
  • Rated AC voltage: 275
  • Mounting method: DIN rail TH-35 mm
  • Max. conductor cross-section (single/multi-strand): 35
  • Protection level L-N : 1.4
  • Number of poles : 4
  • Dimensions (W × H × D): 70 x 84 x 70 mm
  • Noark product code: 103357
More Information
EAN 8592765033581
Manufacturer Noark Electric
Weight 0.410000
Warranty 2
Voltage AC
Number of Phase 3-phase
SPD Types T2
Width In Number Of Modular Spacings 4.00
Nominal Discharge Current 8/20 20.00 kA
Protection Voltage Up 1.40 kV
IP Code IP20
Nominal Voltage 275.00 V
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