Noark 100145 Miniature Circuit Breaker Ex9BN 3P AC C25


  • Rated voltage: 400
  • Number of poles: 3
  • N pole simultaneously disconnected: NO
  • Suitable for flush-mounted installations: YES
  • Degree of contamination: 2
  • Width expressed in number of modules: 3
  • Possibility of additional equipment: YES
  • Degree of protection (IP): IP20
  • Energy limitation class: 3
  • Number of poles (total): 3
  • Rated current: 25
  • Frequency
  • Tripping characteristic: C
  • Surge protection category: 3
  • Rated short-circuit breaking capacity Icu IEC 60947-2 at 230 V: 10
  • Voltage type: AC
  • Depth of incorporation: 74
  • Rated short-circuit breaking capacity Icn EN 60898 at 230 V: 6
  • Product code NOARK: 100145
  • The modular overcurrent circuit breakers of the Ex9BN series are universal devices for all types of applications meeting the high standard requirements for domestic use according to EN 60898 in the current rating range from 1 to 63 A.
  • The rated short-circuit breaking capacity Icn is 6kA.
  • In any case, Icn applies to all versions of the circuit breakers, i.e. up to 63 A rated current and B, C, D trip characteristics.
  • The overcurrent circuit breakers of the Ex9BH series are available in 1, 1+N, 2, 3, 3+N, 4 -pole versions, where the pole width corresponds to one module - 18 mm.
  • Tripping characteristics: B, C, D. In terms of mechanical performance, the Ex9BH and Ex9BN series are fully compatible.
  • They can be combined with a wide range of accessories, including auxiliary contacts, auxiliary trip contacts, rising, undervoltage and overvoltage triggers or residual current blocks.
  • Various combinations of accessories are possible.
  • These combinations are limited only by the total number and not the type of accessories - all components fit together.
  • Up to three auxiliary contact or trip contact units and up to two trip units can be fitted.
  • Overcurrent circuit breakers according to IEC / EN 60898-1
  • Rated short-circuit breaking capacity Icn 6 kA
  • 1 to 4 poles
  • Tripping characteristic curves B, C, D
  • Rated current up to 63 A
  • Rated voltage 230/400 V AC, 48 V DC (per pole)
  • Wide range of accessories
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ManufacturerNoark Electric
Number of Phase3-phase
Width In Number Of Modular Spacings3.00
IP CodeIP20
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