LG Standard 2 S18ET.NSK Wall-mounted AC 2.5kW Indoor unit


LG STANDARD 2 5kW S18ET.NSK wall-mounted air conditioner - Efficient and Elegant - Indoor unit

Dual Inverter compressor with 10 year warranty

Solves the problems associated with the noise generated, resulting in an air conditioner that cools faster, runs longer and is quieter. With a 10-year warranty on the compressor, users can enjoy the benefits of an LG air conditioner for longer.

Energy saving

The inverter compressor smoothly adjusts its output to maintain the required room temperature. In addition, the inverter compressor operates in the most efficient operating range, saving more energy than a conventional compressor.

Fast cooling

LG Dual Inverter technology, thanks to its high efficiency mode, allows the room to be cooled quickly and the cold airflow of the air conditioner to have a greater reach.

LG ThinQ

You can control the air conditioner from anywhere in the world via a Wi-Fi connection using the dedicated LG ThinQ app.

Compact design

Makes it easy to install the unit in the room. Retractable filter allows for quick and easy cleaning. Front panel display allows you to check your energy consumption.

Take control of your home's energy consumption.

With the LG Active Energy Control button, you can select one of three energy-saving functions (80%, 60%, 40%). With just one press, you can change the cooling power and reduce energy consumption.

Instant set-up - Comfort Air

This function moves the air conditioner blades to a fixed position so that the blowing air is not directed directly at the people in the room.

Quick and easy installation

LG air conditioners can be installed quickly and easily in any room. Reducing the number of people and the amount of time required to install an air conditioner allows more units to be installed at the same time.

Features and functions:

Dual protection filter - Filter catches dust particles over 10 microns in size.

Jet Cool - Optimised outlet enhances airflow, allowing rooms to cool faster.

Auto-clean - The auto-clean function prevents the build-up of bacteria and mould on the heat exchanger, providing a more pleasant and comfortable environment.

6-stage horizontal airflow adjustment - The user can choose from six pre-set blade settings to direct the cool air in the right direction.

Four-way airflow - LG air conditioners deliver cool air to every corner of the room. The gentle distribution of air in four directions ensures fast and effective cooling.

Gold Fin - The Gold Fin technology better protects surfaces from corrosion and extends the life of the heat exchanger.


This air conditioner is ideal for residential and hotel rooms, offices, lounges, offices, conference rooms, public facilities, restaurants, shops and many other places, providing comfort and efficient cooling and heating.


  • LG S18ET.UL2 outdoor unit (To be purchased separately)
  • LG S18ET.NSK indoor unit
  • Wireless remote control
Technical Specifications:


  • Max. cooling power: 5500 W
  • Rated/minimum cooling power: 900 W
  • Rated/minimum cooling power consumption: 1562 W
  • Estimated cooling surface area: No data available
  • Estimated heating area: No data available
  • Length of installation: No data available
  • Max. heating output: 6400 W
  • Minimum/nominal heating power: 900 W
  • Rated/minimum heating energy consumption: 1611 W


  • SxWxG (mm): 998 x 345 x 210
  • Weight of indoor unit (kg): 11.9
  • Weight of indoor unit (lb): 26


  • SxWxG (mm): 770 x 545 x 288
  • Weight of outdoor unit (kg): 34.4
  • Weight of outdoor unit (lb): 76


  • Product dimensions (mm): 998 x 345 x 210
  • Unit type: Split
  • Rated supply voltage (V, Hz): 220-240/50
  • Refrigerant type: R32
  • Sound pressure level (cooling) S/N/W (dB(A)): 31 / 34 / 39 / 44
  • Sound pressure level (heating) S/N/W (dB(A)): 34 / 39 / 44


  • 4 air control directions: Yes
  • Airflow direction control (left and right): Yes
  • Airflow direction control (up and down): Yes
  • Comfort Air: Yes
  • Fan speed: No data
  • Rapid cooling: Yes


  • Air purifier display: No
  • Ionizer: No
  • PM 1.0 sensor: No


  • Dehumidification capacity: 1,8
  • Humidity sensor: No data


  • Low-level heating: No data available
  • Rapid heating: Yes


  • Active energy consumption control: Yes
  • Dry Contact: Optional
  • Energy consumption display: Yes
  • Energy class: Cooling/Heating: A++/A+
  • Energy consumption monitoring: Yes
  • Energy saving (cooling): No data
  • ICA (I control Ampere): No data


  • Auto restart: No data available
  • Fan mode: No data available
  • Filter alarm: No data available
  • Forced switch operation: No data available
  • Motion detector: No data
  • Silent operation: Yes
  • On/off schedule. (24 hrs): No data
  • Remote control: Yes
  • Settings: No data
  • Smart Diagnosis: Yes
  • Smart functions: Yes
  • Operation without stabiliser: No data available
  • ThinQ (Wi-Fi): Yes
  • Voice control (separate device): Yes


  • Allergy filter: No
  • Antibacterial micro-filter: No data
  • Dust filter: No data available
  • Fine dust filter: No
  • Microfilter: No data available
  • Pre-filter: Yes


  • Colour (casing): White
  • Colour (exterior unit): Beige
  • Display: Yes


  • Model name of installation kit: No data available
  • Release date (YYYY-MM): 2022-01
  • Manufacturer (importer): LG ELECTRONICS
  • Model name: STANDARD 2
  • Product type and model name: No data available


  • Automatic cleaning: Yes
  • UV Nano: No


  • Model name of outdoor unit: S18ET.UL2
More Information
Power kW2.50 kW
Number of Phase1-phase
Width100.00 cm
Height35.00 cm
Length/Depth21.00 cm
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