Heiko Thermal Plus CH+DHW 12kW Heat Pump Monoblock

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Heiko Thermal Plus CO + DHW 12KW monobloc heat pump

Monobloc with hydraulic module and built-in tankHeat pumps

THERMAL Plus monobloc are energy-efficient devices which extract energy from the air and use it to heat or cool a building and to prepare domestic hot water.
They are used both in detached houses and in commercial buildings.
Heiko heat pumps are modern devices which guarantee efficient, safe and maintenance-free operation


Hydraulic module - MONOBLOK ALL IN ONE

The compact design of the hydraulic module with an integrated 250-litre DHW tank is a ready-to-use solution.
No additional components need to be purchased for the system, and no additional space is required to install a separate tank.
The module allows for easy and safe hydraulic connections.

Two heating circuits

THERMAL Plus heat pumps allow for a configuration with different heat consumers at the same time, e.g. a heating system based on radiators
and underfloor heating.
Two heating circuits allow for free temperature management of different heat consumers, which in practice means that it is possible to set the temperature separately for radiators and underfloor heating.

Wide temperature range - reliable operation in all conditions

Heiko heat pumps are reliable units that operate at outdoor temperatures as low as - 25°C and are capable of heating domestic hot water to 55°C.

Wi-Fi control

Wi-Fi control, available as standard, is a feature that increases the comfort
of using Heiko heat pumps. We can easily control
the unit using a dedicated platform. Thanks to
Wi-Fi control, the Service can remotely provide assistance to the User.

Modern control panel

The built-in control panel enables the operating parameters to be changed easily and quickly.
The controller menu is available in several language versions.

Quiet operation

Heiko THERMAL Plus heat pumps operate on the basis of a DC fan motor, an effectively insulated compressor and an optimised fan design, thanks to which they guarantee very quiet operation, even 52 dB(A).
Additionally, the units can operate in silent mode, so you can feel comfortable while working or relaxing.

Automatic weather control

The operation of Heiko THERMAL Plus heat pumps relies on an automated process based on weather temperature curves.
In practice, this means that the operation of the heat pump will automatically adapt to the current weather conditions without human intervention.

Inverter technology

Inverter technology enables the heat pump to operate economically without sudden surges in the compressor frequency.
Thus ensuring energy-efficient and quiet operation. The units have an energy class of A+++.

Technical specifications:
  • Distribution class A
  • Manufacturer HEIKO
  • Type Monobloc with hydronic module and DHW tank. (250l)
  • Model THERMAL PLUS 12
  • Seasonal energy efficiency class for space heating temperate climate A+++
  • Rated thermal output, including rated thermal output of all auxiliary heaters temperate climate (+7°C) 11.6 kW
  • Seasonal energy efficiency of space heating temperate climate SCOP 4.71%
  • Annual energy consumption temperate climate (LWT35°C) 3225 kWh
  • Annual energy consumption temperate climate (LWT55°C) 3997kWh
  • Sound power level in room (normal operation) 44 dB(A)
  • Sound power level (normal operation) 52 dB(A)
  • Power supply V/Ph/Hz 220-240 / 1 / 50
  • Capacity (Heating LWT35°C) 11.6kW
  • Efficiency (Cooling LWT7°C) 9.8kW
  • COP 4.3
  • EER 3.9
  • Dimensions of net/gross indoor unit (WxHxD) 600 x 1780 x 680 / 650 x 1960 x 750 (mm)
  • Dimensions net/gross of outdoor unit (WxHxD) 1165 x 845 x 370 / 1210 x 875 x 455 (mm)
  • Net/gross weight Inner unit 125 / 135 kg
  • Net/gross weight Exside unit 85 / 105 kg
  • Compressor Type Rotary dual
  • Sensors TC (system temp.), TW (DHW temp.), TV1 (first circuit temp.), TV2 (second circuit temp.), TR (room temp.)
  • Integrated 6 kW electric heater
  • Compressor brand Mitsubishi
  • Refrigerant/quantity R32 / 1.8 kg
  • Expansion valve Electronic
  • Recommended operating range Cooling 0 - 55°C; Heating -25 - 43°C; DHW -25 - 55°C
  • Water-side heat exchanger (type) Plate heat exchanger
  • Water-side connection 1 inch
  • Water pump max. head of 7.5 m
  • Outlet water temperature range (cooling) 7 - 25 °C
  • Outlet water temperature range (heating) 20 - 55 °C
  • Outlet water temperature range, DHW (storage) 25 - 55°C
  • 3-way valve Built-in 3-way valve for distribution of DHW and central heating,
  • WiFi control available as standard
  • Manufacturer's warranty 5 years
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Power12,000.00 W
Number of phase1-phase
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