Haier Nordic Flexis Plus AS35S2SF1FA-BH 3.5kW Black Matt Wall-mounted AC Indoor unit


Haier Nordic Flexis Plus AS35S2SF1FA-BH Black Matt Air Conditioner 3.5kW In.

  • FLEXIS Plus Black Matt air conditioner with UV-C STERILISATION technology can inhibit the growth of the SARS-CoV-2 virus by up to 99.99%*. Efficacy against coronavirus confirmed by Texcell certification - find out more.
  • The FLEXIS range of air conditioners run on environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant and combine simple and aesthetically pleasing design with advanced technology.
  • The units have an Eco Sensor as standard, which is responsible for saving energy, the sensor examines human presence in two areas within a range of 8 metres; this allows the supply to be distributed to the desired location in the room.
  • In addition, FLEXIS air conditioners have Wi-Fi control as standard, which can be done via a smartphone or tablet connected to the internet.
  • Thanks to the compact design, the unit's noise level can be reduced by up to 16dB. In addition, the units have a Self Clean function, which is responsible for removing dirt and bacteria that accumulate on the exchanger.

UV-C sterilisation
UV-Csterilisation technology can inhibit the growth of the SARS-CoV-2 virus by up to 99.99%*. Efficacy against coronavirus confirmed by Texcell certification. A lamp with disinfectant action irradiates the air flowing through the air conditioner with UV-C rays, cleansing it of viruses and bacteria. The UV-C STERILISATION function is safe for human health, as the rays do not escape outside the unit. The technology
UV-C STERILISATION in Haier air conditioners can effectively protect against viruses and bacteria.

56°C Steri Clean
The 56°C Steri Clean function effectively kills bacteria and viruses by heating the heat exchanger to 56°C for 30 minutes. Heat disinfection is effective against contaminants that may settle on the surface of the heat exchanger. Maintaining a high temperature for more than 30 minutes creates lethal conditions for bacteria and viruses. The 56°C Steri Clean technology is responsible for cleaning the unit which has a direct effect on the air quality from the air conditioner. (Function available from the app)

Self Hygiene
Antibacterial coating with silver nanoparticles applied to the air circulation duct components of the unit, prevents the growth of mould and bacteria. Bacteria on contact with the silver ions are destroyed and their further growth is inhibited. Silver ions have hygienic and antiseptic properties, which is why silver ions applied to the surface of air conditioner components form an effective antibacterial coating. The Self Hygiene function is responsible for cleaning the unit, which has a direct effect on the quality of the exhaust air.

Self Clean
Self Clean is a self-cleaning technology that enables the air conditioner to be used more efficiently and comfortably. This solution involves the removal of accumulated dirt on the evaporator. Moist air frozen on the surface of the heat exchanger removes deposits when defrosting. Dirt accumulating on the exchanger during air conditioner operation promotes bacterial growth, affects room air quality and reduces cooling capacity by up to 15-30%. Self Clean ensures high energy efficiency and keeps the unit clean.

ECO sensor
The efficient ECO sensor saves electricity while offering comfort and convenience. The intelligent sensor detects the presence of a person and monitors their movements to ensure that the air supply does not blow directly on the user. If the ECO sensor detects the absence of a person in the room, it will automatically switch to standby mode without causing energy loss.

Wi-Fi control
Control the air conditioner or air conditioning system using a smartphone or tablet connected to the internet. Remote control allows you to turn on the cooling on hot days before you get home. Everyday life situations are the inspiration behind Haier's smart solutions. Wi-Fi control is simple and intuitive, setting the air conditioner's operating parameters is possible via an app on a mobile device; This allows insight and access to almost all air conditioner functions. Importantly, multiple units can be configured. In addition, the Wi-Fi control system makes it possible to create operating schedules, such as weekly. Various types of wireless and wired control are possible in Haier air conditioners.

Very quiet operation 16 dB(A)
Very quiet operation of Haier air conditioners has been achieved through optimised airflow ducts and by an optimised fan cross-section. Haier air conditioners operate with a noise level reduced to as little as 16 dB(A), so they can be used at night, taking care of users' comfort without disturbing sleep. In addition, the air conditioners have various operating modes, such as QUIET mode, which offers air conditioner operation at the lowest possible noise level.



  • Cooling capacity nom.(min.~max.) [Btu/h] 11940 (3410-13650)
  • Cooling capacity nom.(min.~max.) [kW] 3.5 (1.0-4.0)
  • Heat output - nom.(min.~max.) [Btu/h] 14330 (3410-17740)
  • Heat output - nom.(min.~max.) [kW] 4.2 (1.0-5.2)
  • Power supply f/V/Hz 1/230/50
  • Sound pressure level [dB(A)] 39/33/26/17
  • Operation temp. (cool) Min.-Max (indoor/outdoor) [°C] 21~35/ -20~43
  • Operation temp. (heat) Min.-Max (indoor/outdoor) [°C] 10~27/ -20~24
  • Refrigerant R32
  • Indoor unit (W x D x H) [mm] 856/197/300
  • Weight of indoor unit [kg] 9.5
  • External unit (W x D x H) [mm] 800/275/553


  • Energy class (cooling) A+++
  • Energy class (heating) A++/ A+++/ -
  • SEER 8.5
  • SCOP 4.6
  • Annual energy consumption (cooling) [kWh/year] 144
  • Annual energy consumption (heating) [kWh/year] 854
  • Power input (cooling) Nom (min.-max) [kW] 0.88 (0.3-1.5)
  • Power input (heating) Norm (min.-max) [kW] 1.1 (0.5-1.6)


  • ECO sensor x
  • Self-cleaning x
  • Cooling at -20 °C x
  • Very quiet 17 dB(A)
  • Wi-Fi control standard
  • On/Off card optional
  • 3D airflow x
  • Intelligent defrosting x
  • 2-way piping design x
  • Compact mounting plate x
  • Increased space for pipework x
  • Removable cover x
  • Easy snap-on bracket x
  • Easy and quick engine repair x
  • Easy installation x
  • 3M filter optional
More Information
Power kW3.50 kW
Number of Phase1-phase
Width95.20 cm
Height38.90 cm
Length/Depth28.30 cm
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