Haier HAI01784 8.5kW Wall-mounted AC Multisplit Outdoor unit


MULTI SPLIT outdoor air-conditioning units are compact and efficient units that operate with the ecological refrigerant R32.
The MULTI SPLIT system allows up to 5 indoor units to be connected to a single outdoor unit.
This is ideal for detached houses or flats where several rooms are to be air conditioned.
MULTI SPLIT air-conditioning makes it possible to cool several rooms at the same time.
The MULTI SPLIT system saves on the installation space needed for the outdoor units and saves energy.
The inverter technology used in MULTI SPLIT air-conditioning makes it possible for each indoor unit to operate at different parameters.

Ecological refrigerant

  • Compared to the commonly used refrigerant R410A, the global warming potential (GWP) of R32 is almost a third (theGWP index is 675 for R32 compared to 2088 for R410A), while allowing for a much smaller refrigerant volume and high energy efficiency.


  • Maximum number of internal cavities 4
  • Nom. capacity (min.~max.) - cooling [kW] 8.5 (3.2-9.5)
  • Nominal capacity (min.~max.) - heating [kW ] 9.3 (4.4-10.5)
  • SEER/EER 3.4/4.0
  • SCOP/COP 7.0/4.0
  • Power supply f/V/Hz 1/220-240/50/60
  • Air flow rate (H/M/L) 4000
  • Sound power level max [db] 68
  • Sound pressure level (H/M/W) 55
  • Dimensions W/D/H/H [mm] 890/340/700
  • Weight [kg] 61
  • Double rotary compressor
More Information
Power kW8.50 kW
Number of Phase3-phase
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