Growatt SPH 6000TL3 BH-UP Hybrid Inverter 6kW 3PH 2MPPT


Growatt SPH6000TL3-BH 6KW

The 3-phase hybrid inverter was developed to store energy in batteries for later reuse of this energy.
The inverter allows connection to the electrical grid, photovoltaic modules and batteries
The installation can also work without batteries and connection to the power grid (On-Grid)
The energy generated is converted in a more efficient way.

Basic technical data:

  • Compact design for easier installation of the hybrid inverter
  • Four-button LCD display
  • Natural fanless cooling
  • Settable charging and discharging times
  • Online smart service
  • Battery management system. battery management for safe operation
  • Battery charge status monitoring
  • Protection rating IP65
  • Growatt's comprehensive warranty plan
  • 5 year warranty

The Growatt SPH inverter allows you to connect batteries from 7,5kWh (3x2.5kW).
Supports Growatt brand batteries only - ARK model

Additional accessories for Growatt hybrid inverters.
Configuration for one inverter:

  • Minimum 3 ARK batteries 3x2.5kW
  • x1 SPH / SPA inverter + monitoring (Shine WiFi-X, Shine LAN-X or Shine GPRS-X)
  • x1 Growatt Battery Controller for BMS SPH TL3-BH UP (battery controller)
  • x1 Cables for splicing BMS to inverter - ARK H-cables - for Hight voltage select ARKH option
  • x1 Growatt Battery Base ARK-2.5H-A1
  • x1 Bi-directional meter, so called phasemater is in the box with the inverter.

Technical Specifications - Growatt Model: SPH6000TL3-BH:

Input data (DC-DC):

  • Maximum power of photovoltaic panels: 7800W
  • Nominal DC voltage/Maximum DC voltage: 600VDC/1000VDC
  • Starting voltage: 160VDC
  • MPPT operating voltage range: 160V-1000V
  • Number of MPPT/Maximum current for MPPT: 2/1x12A

Output data (AC-AC):

  • Power output: 6000W
  • Maximum charging power: 6000VA
  • Nominal output voltage: 230V
  • Range of output voltages: 310~476V
  • Nominal current: 9.1A
  • Power factor: 1
  • Number of phases: 3
  • Adjustable power factor offset 0.8 leading...0.8 inductive
  • THDI: <3%
  • AC connection: 3W+N+PE


  • Maximum power output: 6000W
  • Maximum charging power: 6000VA
  • Maximum output current: 9.1A
  • Nominal output voltage: 230V/400V
  • Nominal frequency: 50/60Hz
  • THDv: <3%
  • Switching time: <0.5S

Battery (DC):

  • Battery voltage range: 100~550V
  • Maximum charge and discharge current: 25A
  • Charging and discharging power: 6000W
  • Battery type: Lithium battery
  • Battery capacity: 5~50kWh


  • Maximum efficiency: 98.0%
  • European efficiency: 97.3%
  • Battery charge/discharge efficiency: 97.4%


  • DC switch: Yes
  • Reverse polarity protection: Yes
  • DCurrent surge protection: Type II
  • Battery reverse polarity protection: Yes
  • Overvoltage protection - varistor: Yes
  • AC surge protection: Type II
  • Ground fault monitoring: Yes
  • Monitoring of network parameters: Yes
  • Integrated current flashover monitoring: Yes
  • Overcurrent protection: Yes
  • Power surge protection: Yes

General data:

  • Dimensions (W/H/D) in mm: 505*453*198
  • Weight: 28KG
  • Temperature operating range: -25 ℃ ... +60 ℃
  • Noise emission: ≤ 35dB(A)
  • Hight without negative effect on operation: 3000m
  • Night-time self-consumption: <13W
  • Topology: Transformerless
  • Cooling: Natural
  • Environmental rating: IP65
  • Relative humidity: 100%

General features:

  • DC connection: H4
  • AC connection: cable gland + OT terminal
  • Display: LCD+LED
  • Interfaces: RS232/RS485/CAN/USB/RF/WiFi/GPRS/LAN - Yes/opc/opc/opc/opc
  • Warranty: 5 years / 10 years: Yes/opc
More Information
EAN 4130760118250
Manufacturer Growatt
Weight 28.000000
Number of Phase 3-phase
Power kW 6.00 kW
Number of MPPT 2
Start Voltage 160.00 V
Max Input Current 9.10 A
Max DC Voltage 1,000.00 V
Warranty 10
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