Growatt MID25KTL3-XH AFCI Inverter 25kW 3PH 3MPPT

MOD TL3-XH series inverters are universal, high-efficiency transformerless 3-phase inverters.
GROWATT products meet all European standards and norms and have the necessary certifications, including TUV.
Three-phase inverter with battery output - cooperation with Growatt batteries.

Photovoltaic inverters cooperating with batteries
  • TL3-XH photovoltaic inverters prepared to cooperate with batteries is a novelty that Growatt New Energy is introducing to the Polish market.
  • This system can be built as an emergency power supply system, so that in the event of a power outage from the grid, the devices in our home will be able to work without problems.
How do the GROWATT MOD TL3-XH photovoltaic inverters work?
  • Dedicated modular batteries and other products such as the Growatt GroHome are designed to increase the energy consumption of photovoltaic panels in real time.
  • The Growatt GroHome can, for example, be used to control the operation of a heat pump based on the product from the photovoltaic panels.
  • The reason for this is balancing with the power industry, which in other countries is no longer beneficial from year to year.
  • This is a result of the state of the grid, which, due to its old architecture, has limitations when working with a large number of photovoltaic installations.
  • To the rescue come energy storage systems and products to maximise auto consumption.
  • This is a policy that Growatt New Energy introduced earlier this year and will continue to follow for the next couple of years.
Key features:
  • Operating mode: On-Grid/Off-Grid
  • AC/DC overvoltage protection: Class II/II
  • Protection class: IP66
  • AFCI protection
  • Display: OLED
Input data (DC):
  • Max. recommended PV power (for STC module): 50000W
  • Max. DC voltage: 1100V
  • Initial voltage: 200V
  • Nominal voltage: 600V
  • MPPT voltage range: 160V-1000V
  • Number of trackers: 3
  • Number of PV chains per tracker: 2
  • Max. input current per 1 tracker: 32A
  • Max. short-circuit current per 1 tracker: 40A
Input data (DC battery):
  • Compatible battery APX HV battery system (5kWh~60kWh)
  • Operating voltage range 600 V-980 V
  • Max. operating current: 25A/25*1
  • Max. charging power: 15000W or 30000W*2
  • Max. discharge power: 25000W
Output data (AC):
  • AC nominal power: 25000W
  • Max. AC apparent power: 27500VA*
  • Nominal AC voltage (range*): 220V/380V, 230V/400V (340-440V)
  • AC mains frequency (range*): 50/60 Hz (45-55Hz/55-65Hz)
  • Max. output current: 41.6A
  • Adjustable power factor: 0.8 capacitive ...0.8 inductive
  • THDi: <3%
  • AC mains connection type: 3W+N+PE
  • MAX. efficiency: 98.80%
  • Efficiency according to European standards: 98.5%
  • DC reverse polarity protection: Yes
  • DC switch: Yes
  • AC/DC surge protection: Type II / Type II
  • Insulation resistance monitoring: Yes
  • AC short-circuit protection: Yes
  • Ground fault monitoring: Yes
  • Network monitoring: Yes
  • Anti-islanding protection: Yes
  • Differential current monitoring unit: Yes
  • Chain fault monitoring: Yes
  • AFCI protection: Yes
General Data:
  • Dimensions (W/H/D): 580/435/230mm
  • Weight: 31kg
  • Operating temperature range: -25°C ... +60°C
  • Night-time power consumption: < 5.5W
  • Topology: Transformerless
  • Cooling: Free convection
  • Degree of protection: IP66
  • Relative humidity: 0~100%
  • Altitude: 4000m
  • DC connection: H4/MC4 (optional)
  • AC connection: Connector
  • Screens: OLED+LED/WIFI+APP
  • Interfaces: USB/RS485/WiFi/GPRS/LAN/RF - yes/yes/optional/optional/optional
  • Warranty 5 years/10 years - Yes/Optional
  • CE, VDE0126, Greece, EN50549-1, C10/C11, VFR 2019, IEC62116, IEC61727, IEC 60068, IEC 61683, CEI0-21/CEI0-16, N4105, TOR Erzeuger G98/G99, G100, AS4777, UNE217001, UNE206007, PO12.2
*1 Inverter with 2 battery ports, each with max. 25A.
*2 When a single battery port is connected, the maximum power is 15 kW. When two ports are used, power can reach 30 kW.
More Information
Width58.00 cm
Height44.00 cm
Length/Depth23.00 cm
Number of Phase3-phase
Power kW25.00 kW
Number of MPPT3
Start Voltage200.00 V
Max Input Current32.00 A
Max DC Voltage1,100.00 V
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