Growatt ARK-2.5H-A1 BMS BDC 95045-A1 High Voltage

  • The BDC (Bidirectional DC/DC Box) controller is a device located between the inverter and the battery.
  • Its function is to check the state of charge of the cells and to balance them, i.e. to charge the cells individually with the correct current and voltage for them.
  • For photovoltaic systems that are also designed for energy storage, a BDC is necessary if the inverter does not have an integrated regulator.
  • The BDC controller is designed for inverters of the MIN XH series, where it supports between 2 and 7 Growatt ARK-2.5H-A1 batteries, and for inverters of the MOD XH series, where it supports between 3 and 10 Growatt ARK-2.5H-A1 batteries.
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