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Helukabel is one of the leading manufacturers of cables and cable accessories in the global market. The company offers a wide range of cables and accessories for photovoltaic systems that meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Helukabel photovoltaic cables are designed to connect solar panels with each other and with inverters or junction boxes. They are resistant to UV radiation, temperature, moisture, oils, and chemical agents. They have flexible class 5 or 6 conductors, which provide them with flexibility and ease of installation. Helukabel photovoltaic cables are available in various cross-sections (from 1.5 mm2 to 240 mm2) and colors (black, red, or blue).

Helukabel cable accessories include male and female PV connectors of the MC4 or MC3 type, which are used for quick and secure connection of photovoltaic cables. PV connectors are waterproof (IP67) and have high mechanical strength. In addition, Helukabel offers nylon glands with nuts, two-part CO-PA protective hoses, and HP cable ties for mounting cables on support structures.

All Helukabel products can be purchased at b2b.ecoabm.com. The photovoltaic wholesale store b2b.ecoabm.com offers attractive prices and fast delivery of ordered goods.

If you are looking for proven solutions for your photovoltaic installation, take advantage of the offer of Helukabel and the b2b.ecoabm.com wholesale store.

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