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One of the leaders in innovative solar panel mounting systems is EJOT, which offers a wide range of products tailored to different types of roofs and structures. Among them, we can find:

  • EJOFAST self-tapping screws for longitudinal fastening of trapezoidal and corrugated metal sheets
  • FP roof profiles with mounting nuts for attaching solar panels to profiled sheet roofs
  • RA-P frame anchors for mounting aluminum substructures on flat roofs with thermal insulation
  • Dektite technical sealants for sealing installation transitions through roof coverings
  • HTK 2G and SDF 10V/10H systems for mounting solar panels on fiber cement or asbestos roofs

All EJOT products are characterized by high quality, corrosion and weather resistance, and easy installation. This not only ensures an effective connection of solar panel installation components but also provides protection against mechanical or fire damage.

If you are looking for reliable solutions for solar panels from EJOT, we invite you to the b2b.ecoabm.com solar panel wholesale store. You will find a wide range of EJOT products at attractive prices, as well as professional advice and technical support. Don't wait and order today!

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