6x80mm Wood Screw Countersunk

Screws for wooden structures with washer head, TX socket

Size: 6.0x80mm

Product Specifications

  • Screw diameter: Ø 6.0mm
  • Screw length: 80mm
  • thread length: 50mm
  • head diameter: Ø 14mm
  • socket: TX 30
  • material: low-carbon galvanised steel
The carpentry screws are designed for connecting wooden elements. The innovative design makes them a pleasure to work with.
No pre-drilling required.
The deep and stable TORX socket effectively transmits the torque without the bit popping out.
More Information
PV Mounting SystemPitched Roof - Tiled roof
Width1.50 cm
Height1.50 cm
Length/Depth8.50 cm
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